Fine Lines ~ by Cindy Etter Turnbull
a.k.a. 'Mrs Clothesline'

Meet Mrs Clothesline, Cindy Etter-Turnbull

F ine Lines is a fun-filled book about a much overlooked aspect of North American culture: clotheslines. If you have ever driven through communities and noticed all the lovely laundry on the backyard lines and wondered about the colourful art of hanging up clothes, you are about to find out the stories behind those fine lines.

While other books pin their success on airing dirty laundry, this volume is a refreshing change. It's a book about clean laundry hanging in a gentle summer well as winter laundry frozen stiff as boards on the line in the backyard. Mrs. Clothesline examines in every detail the different kinds of lines, the various hanging methods and the personality profiles of those who participate in the age-old daily ceremony.

Once you've read this engaging book, you'll never look at a drying line of wash the same way again.

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